Monday, June 15, 2009

The Journal

The Journal Day 2

Massive numbers of people all over the globe traveled from one nation to another just to get a glimpse of the new arrival. I on the other, living in the USA, had a front row seat to the show. Everyone living in the states was supposed to get a magnificent view of the comet.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Imaginations Of Bobby

The Imaginations Of Bobby

It was just after breakfast when Bobby’s mother finished the laundry. She emptied the basket of clean towels onto the couch and began to fold them. Bobby came in riding the broomstick like it was his horse.
“Woo,” he said, pulling back on the string tied to the broom. He dismounted his make believe horse and headed for the pile of towels.
“Look out!” he yelled to his mother as the towels turned into a fire breathing dragon. He pulled a cardboard sword out of the waistband of his pajamas and charged at the multi-colored dragon.
“Take that and that!” he yelled as he swung his home made sword into the pile of towels.
“Don’t worry,” he said. “That dragon wont be bothering us anymore.”
“My little hero,” his mother said.
Bobby climbed into the laundry basket and made it tip back and forth like he had just gotten into a boat.
“Looks like rough water up ahead,” he said, using his sword as a paddle.
“Make sure your back by lunch,” his mother played along.
“Okay mom,” Bobby said.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Fleeting Mist

My fiancee was mowing the lawn and she came in wanting to show me something. She took me out to fence in our yard and showed me a young bird. It was nearing adulthood, I could tell by it's feathers. She decided she wanted a picture of it, so we went and got the camera. Just as we got back to the fence were the bird was it flipped over onto it's back. It flapped it's wings like it was trying to right it's self, to no avail. So I went and got a stick to help it turn over. By the time I got back, it was dead.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Journal

The Journal

Friday June 3, 2020 Day 1

If we had only known, maybe we would not have stood around like a bunch of dumb cattle waiting for the slaughter. Throwing a world wide party, while death loomed at earth’s doorstep. The world was partying like it was New Years Eve in June. The day a new comet made its appearance. It was coming from deep space. No one knew where it was really coming from; they were just excited that it was coming. The pictures they would periodically show of it on TV were amazing. The colors were nothing like we had seen before, black-reds, orange-blues…breath taking. The astrologers estimated it to be twice the size of Halley’s Comet They named it Atlas. We were told that it pass so close to the earth that we would be able see it with our naked eye. But even so the stores sold out of all their binoculars and telescopes. The whole world was on a holiday, no one went to work, even the wars stopped.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Think about this. What if there were no cell phones? No TVs? No cars? What if there were no modern conveniences? How would you live?
Let's take the question a step further. What if one day you are living the modern life and suddenly non of these things work?

In the days and months to come I will be writing a story that has this happen to the world. And some things not mentioned.